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Graduation project Alexandrs Feltins

On June 25 2013, Aleksandrs Feltins graduated on a research on how to diversify microrayons in his hometown Riga, Letland. For this, he developed a pattern language (16 patterns) for user-control facilitating urban design in large postwar estates. Besides, 3 design diagrams are developed to generate a vision. Based on the patterns and vision, several projects are defined and elaborated. The figure on page 146 of his report illustrates these steps (mapping patterns – 3 design diagrams – existing situation – design proposal):

The work of Aleksandrs is a rich combination of theoretical concepts, well-elaborated patterns, and creative design ideas synthesized in seven concrete design proposals.

Aleksandrs’s work can be found in the repository of the TU Delft.

  • Main mentor: Egbert Stolk
  • Second mentor: Paul Stouten, Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy

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