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Graduation project Sarah Oudenaarden

On June 27, Sarah Oudenaarden graduated on a MSc-thesis called ‘Framed-space versus Free-space’. She developed a design method based on notions of control and complexity, and applied this in a design study for Hirzbrunnen South, Basel, Switserland. The conclusions of the literature review are summarised in the following diagram (see page 37 of her report):

One of the contributions of her work is the application of a schema proposed by Findlay and Thagard in their paper ‘How parts make up wholes‘ within the domain of urbanism. In doing so, the project clarifies the relations between the various scales in urbanism.

Sarah’s work can be found in the repository of the TU Delft.

  • Main mentor: Egbert Stolk
  • Second mentor: Denise Piccinini, chair of Landscape Architecture
  • Third mentor: Robbert Jan van der Veen (external mentor, Plein06)

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