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Graduation project: Iren Koomen

On December 16 2014, Iren Koomen graduated on ‘Street Smart – A Social Learning Perspective on the Restructuring of Oud-Charlois’.

The graduation process Street Smart focuses on the problems prevalent in problem neighbourhoods, particularly those that affect young people. By creating a link between the social sciences and urbanism, this projects aims to create socio-spatial interventions that target both the social and spatial dimension of the problems at play. This approach is illustrated through a practical case study of the neighbourhood of Oud-Charlois. It’s design is specifically focused on supporting children and adolescents, who are not merely target groups but also co-designers of the project.



Besides addressing an investing societal topic, it is an example excellent thesis from a methodological point of view: developing a (innovative) theoretical framework, an in depth context analysis (including workshops at a primary school), the development of design patterns, and an elaborated design proposal integrating the various elements.

Iren’s work can be found in the repository of the TU Delft.

  • Main mentor: Egbert Stolk
  • Second mentor: Maurice Harteveld

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