Graduates, 2014

In the the year 2014, 8 of my MSc-students graduated. More information can be found in the repository of the TU Delft.

  • Dekkers, Arjan (2014) Cauliflower Revisited: The regeneration of cauliflower neighbourhoods using an environment-behaviour approach. Repository.
  • Haaren, Warner van (2014) The private house & the collective home: In search of privacy in dwelling. Repository.
  • Koomen, Iren (2014) Street Smart: A Social Learning Perspective on the Restructuring of Oud-Charlois. Repository.
  • Korst, Laurien (2014) Mare; de Reisgids – een verkenning van verhaal en verbeelding, beweging en beleving in de zoektocht naar een verhalende stedebouw. Casus Katwijk aan Zee. Repository.Lugten, Martijn (2014) Re Sil(i)ence. Design patterns for an aircraft noise abating spatial environment. Repository.
  • Oudenaarden, Sarah (2014) Framed Space vs. Free Space – degrees of freedom in urbanism. A design study for Hirzbrunnen South, Basel, Switserland. Repository.
  • Slabbers, Thomas (2014) Herinrichting Haagse Binnenstad. Repository.
  • Somoza, Susane (2014) My immigrant neighbour. Social interaction and public spaces in multicultural neighbourhoods. Repository.

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