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Complexity, Cognition and Urban Design

Invited Talk: The Smartification of Urban Design

International Conference on Smart Cities: Potentials, Prospects and Discontents

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The Smartification of Urban Design

Prospection is an important feature of urban design cognition: urban designers propose various types of plans for the near and far future. In doing so, they make use of various future-oriented cognitions, like simulation, prediction, intention and planning. This process of prospection evolves out of the interaction of these future-oriented internal representations and various external representations, ranging from sketches and drawings to digital simulation models. The talk will focus on how new digital tools support this process of prospection. It will highlight the pros and cons of these new tools, and contrast them with traditional design tools. The smartification of urban design is discussed in the light of how these traditional tools and simulation models can be combined to support the process of prospection in urban design.

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