Complexity, Cognition and the City

CCCity is a collaboration between Juval Portugali, Ruiying Liu and Egbert Stolk.

Juval Portugali, is Professor of Human Geography at the Department of Geography and Human Environment Tel Aviv University. He is the Head of the Environmental Simulation Laboratory (ESLab) and of the Environment, Society and Planning Graduate Program of Tel Aviv University. Juval Portugali received his BA degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, did his MA studies at the Technion Haifa, and received a London University PhD from The London School of Economics and Political sciences. His research integrates complexity and self-organization theories, environmental-spatial cognition, urban dynamics and planning in modern and ancient periods.

Ruiying Liu, MSc, studied Urbanism at the Delft University of Technology. Her master thesis was on Metaphorical and Analogical thinking in Urban Design and Planning. She has a background in landscape architecture, and two years’ experience in design practice in China. In her thesis she applies and expands theories from cognitive science to investigate seemingly accidental phenomena in design and planning, outlining patterns in the built environment as a result of how human cognition works.