Egbert Stolk

Complexity, Cognition and Urban Design

Other activities in practice

  • Member of the urban design advisory board for the Fund of Creative Industries, responsible for assessing research proposals. (Augustus 2010 – November 2012)
  • Secretary of the Foundation dr. ir. Marc Jacobs, providing grants for MSc students to be able to participate in the annual ISOCARP congresses. (January 2009 – now)
  • EO Wijers competition, 2008, 4th place overall, together with Willem van Deursen (Cartago), Laura de Bonth en Dirk Verhagen (Urban Synergy), Henk Puylaert + Henk Werksma (H2Ruimte), Theo Reijs + Beitske Boonstra + Wouter Jonkhof (TNO)
  • Active member of several professional networks aiming at the young generation of urbanists, like Young BNSP and RIO Nuevo! (January 2007 – January 2012)

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